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Personal experimentation – take 2: Identity

While experimenting, in April I decided to enter a competition on the theme of Identity – even though I later on realised I misread the guidelines so I guess my entry was voided.

I could send max 4 pictures with a description of my work.

Here is my take on the theme:

The three photos constitute a triptych. This is to be read as a circular narrative, each photo representing different – yet simultaneous – stages or fragments of the exploration of the theme identity.

The process begun with a personal investigation of the meaning of identity itself, whether it can be defined as substantial or accidental, which led inevitably to questioning what defines the individual. Rather than providing a definite answer, the narrative wants to bring the viewer through this process of gradual self-awareness, encouraging him/her to ask the question ‘Who am I ?’ 

Head-shot initiates and propels the narrative. While the other two photos are fairly static and invite the viewer to a more detached observation, this photo urges the viewer to consider its connection with the context. The shot is closely framed to convey the idea of a more intimate act in which the viewer becomes involved. The bareness of the environment does not give anything away regarding the time or the place of the photo, while the subject remains anonymous. The colours are also slightly de-saturated to convey the idea of a subconscious limbo.

Self-portrait is the the most realistic of the three photos and the most easily identifiable.

The uniform can be quickly recognised; it associates the person with a corporation, while stripping the subject of any individuality.

In this narrative, it represents the persona, the mask, the social character waiting the be played.

The subject casts a glance in the distance in the direction of the third photo.

In Untitled, a suspended hat lingers in white space, while the viewer is left to fill in the blank. This is a symbolical take on the question who – or what –  really is under the mask, although the answer cannot be known in visual terms.

The white light of Untitled almost reverberates in Self-Portrait, partially enlightening the subject,  while the vertical framing brings the eye back to the initial shot symbolising the human condition in its present continuos.

 These stages should not be intended in temporal terms, but rather in terms of location, as places in the personal innermost geography. They represent in other words, different states of being that exist all at the same time, that are the persona, the inner struggle and everything that just cannot be represented.




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