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Personal experimentations – take 1

During the last couple of months, having some time off uni, I decided to dedicate myself to some experiments. I decided to try working on self-portraiture, not necessarily to take pictures of myself, but I was the easiest and most accessible subject to photograph. I managed to set up the camera in connection with my laptop so that it could continuously shoot every 2 seconds according to my settings.

The idea was on the hand to learn to cope with being pointed at with a camera and get over the fear of being photograph (and the consequent paranoia ‘oh-my-god-I-look-horrible‘). In fact, in time I got to worry less and less of  the result, and as I became more at ease I started to act definitely more natural. These were the best shots. Also I wanted to think of my room as of a studio: I wanted to get the grips with lights and staging photos. The fact that I was not necessarily behind the camera made me think without having to look into the viewfinder how the camera worked and where it would point and focus and how the light would be affected by my movements.

The results were… interesting!



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