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Archive 2011

Lomo fun…

I tried a Lomo Diana F+. It was good fun! I realised I haven’t picked up photo prints for at least 10 years, more likely 12. I was excited to look at the result this morning.

This was completely different to anything I ever done – simple as it is, and I forgot to roll the film a couple of times which gave a funny overlapping effect… Also I worked very differently. Even though I wasn’t shooting anything in particular since it was my first time and i just wanted to get the hang of it, see the result, knowing I only had 12 shots to use made me think fairly differently to how I used them.

Also I was borrowing the camera from the shop and I only had an hour for shooting, so I stayed in Oxford Street – which I don’t like to shoot but hey…

Overall it was a great experience and I’m looking to get more into analogue.



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