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Living spaces: the squat

Recently I have come into contact with a group of squatters in south London. This small photographic essay is a collection of images revolving around the idea of the ‘living space’ as the embodiment of the ideals and beliefs held by this particular group of people.

Man has always organised ‘space’ according to his needs and activities. These have dictated its shape and aesthetics and the ‘house’ with its ‘living space’ is a clear evidence of such organisation. These ‘living spaces’ are in many ways ‘archetypical’: regardless of time and culture we usually find areas dedicated for example to food preparation, communal living, resting etc. Within these parameters nonetheless we always find an infinite numbers of variables: through the choice texture, material and colour, the dweller modifies subjectively and emotionally the place leaving a mark that can be immediately perceived and grasped by the eventual guest. How the person interact with his/her own immediate living space becomes a mirror into the his/her way of living. The living space, a meeting point yet still highly personal because intimate, becomes the first gateway for social interaction, as a link between the strictly individual and the wider social space.

This photographic collection therefore is intended to be not only as an investigation into an alternative way of living but also as a reflective tool to invite the viewer to think how the personal living space reflects oneself.



2 thoughts on “Living spaces: the squat

  1. A great set of shots. A distinct lack of people?! You are always good at weeding out the telling detail – the sagging wallpaper….and I especially like the drapes across the room, to hide/reveal a sleeping space. Nice one Alice !

    Posted by stevemepstedblog | August 30, 2011, 3:25 pm
    • Yeah, I took a few shots of the people there to try but they were really bad – I have this total inability to take candid photos, I am not sure why…
      Some people just did not want to be photographed – i got to know them through a friend of mine I can understand them not wanting to be in the photos.. I wanted to include an interview i took with them but i admit i started the whole thing a bit late and i didn’t have the time to sort it out properly. i knew the lack of people was going to be an issue (mark deducted..) but it really makes me think what is it about people that make the photos so much better? is it that we get to relate to them more? but then it has nothing to do with the ‘quality’ of the photo itself, but rather with our way to look at them…. i don’t know…
      on that note, I have been taking a serie of portraits in McDonald of my co-workers and they are A LOT better. I’m trying to sort them out right now! 🙂

      Posted by Alice C. Macchi | August 30, 2011, 3:40 pm

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