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Assignments update

I haven’t updated the blog in a while as I’ve been working on the projects set up by the course and a few ‘personal’ things. So here’s a little update:

Vietnam project: I’ve visited the Kubrick archive at LCC a few times trying to get my head round the project. The general idea was to make a study of the influence of photography in Kubrick’s practice, but I have to say, I haven’t gone very far… Although I understand the importance of Kubrick in the history of film-making, he’s really a director I don’t like. There is something that disturbs me about his movies – I don’t find them enjoyable or engaging regardless of the topics. I set up with the idea of looking only at the representation of war or violence connected with war in his movies, but I have ended up downloading the entire collection to familiarise with his photography. The visits at the archive have not been particularly fruitful – I have only read a few books and articles, jotting down a few thoughts. I was thinking of making a study on ‘The Aryan papers’ , a project he never finished, but I am finding this task really boring. I am not sure I will carry on with this topic. I have on the other hand been thinking about the representation of the Vietnam War in modern popular animations such as The Simpsons and South Park. I am going to see if I get somewhere with the photography thing in the archive. If not, I think I am just going to change the topic and focus on the animation – at least I won’t waste all those house spend watching TV…

Multimedia & Rethink project: I have cheated. I have never worked with multimedia, so I decided to make the multimedia assignment my rethink project as well. This multimedia project has been a painful journey! The first time I thought about what to do it on was in conversation with Ed Kashi – and I said I wanted to do something about the McDonald and my co-workers. I quickly changed my mind, and decided to do something about Italian academics in London. I spent time researching data and trying to get contacts. I manage to do a couple of recordings but the thing just didn’t work. The project didn’t move on. Also, as Patrick Sutherland made me realise, some projects work better in multimedia than others: I was seriously stuck on how I was going to represent the whole thing. Interviews were easy, but they were lengthy and there were not enough interesting pictures to go with them. So I decided to scrap that idea and to work on something more familiar. I think I have finally got somewhere with it but I don’t want to give anything away as yet. Fingers crossed, I should be able to finish this thing by the end of November.


Feeling photography: I have decided to do my assignment for the feeling photography session at the Aylesbury Estate; I asked a friend to come with me to keep on eye on the proceedings; the tutorial had been amazing and I wanted to do something good. I think that maybe I should have chosen a different subject. A part from a couple of photos where I really felt I was looking at things with different eyes, I soon fell back into my old ways, and most photos look like what I have already done. It as good nonetheless to have for those few shots that eureka moment – I totally understood what Peter Fraser had meant and I am definitely looking forward to work with that same frame of mind. Here are some examples:




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