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I have been trying to get more experience with more ‘traditional’ photo-shoots. I have been making contacts with people looking to get their pictures taken for free. Although I don’t have the necessary lighting equipment, I have set up a little corner in my room where light is equally diffused on the white wall and I have tried to make the best out of it!

The first guinea-pig to test my improvised studio was Mike. He’s an actor and needed some simple, straight portraits. The brief was ‘monochromatic background, no shadows’. He also needed to smile. It was a really short photo-shoot  and I took roughly 20 photos. They were all fairly similar, but for me the important thing was getting the settings right. I’m happy with the result.

My friend Giuseppe from LCC also needed some photos taken. We were not sure of what to go for, so I experimented with colour and movement. He chose two photos. The first was a portrait.


The second photo was actually a photoshopped montage he asked me to do from two different photos he liked:

The original photos:


Someone else who needed photos was Dean, a DJ who has just been signed by a label and needed some photos for his web-site. I asked him if he wanted to do something ‘urban’ and he liked the idea; I tried different angles and details. I’m quite proud of these shots because they were taken solely with my little camera and natural light on a grey day. Even in post-production I only needed to slightly heighten the contrast, but that was it. So here are a few shots…






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