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Diary: lost and found

After drowning my iPod in the toilet two days ago, I’ve decided to save EVERYTHING I had on my laptop externally, just in case my computer gives up on me. I can proudly say my laptop is now as clean as a whistle. Among the 90 (!!!) GB of junk that I managed to shed (if only loosing weight was as easy…) I found a hidden archive of my first digital photos.

I took these during my visits to Novara in 2010, around my neighbourhood.

Home sweet home. I took this one in my courtyard. Guess the image speaks for itself.

This was the car park behind our local supermarket. That day was so cold, it started snowing.  In the background you can see one of the factory I eventually ventured in with my brother and took loads of photos.

I took this in a small street just off the main road, in an area mainly inhabited by immigrants. Some men came out of the local kebab shop and asked me what I was doing. I explained them I wanted to show what houses in the neighbourhood looked like. They thought I was a journalist and started telling of the condition in which they lived. They told me there was no regular rubbish collection and that I should tell everyone.



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