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Rainbow X-Rays

As my mum cleaned out her closet, out they came years and years of old X-rays that had accumulated. I thought it was a shame to throw them away without playing a little bit first… Advertisements

My #Heygate MA Final Project. A decent idea, badly executed :(

I have been thinking for a few months wether or not to publish here my final project and in the end I decided why not. It was not a great work and I hated it for a while, but looking at it in hindsight maybe it wasn’t that bad – just its realisation was definitely … Continue reading


I have finally upgraded my camera: I have bought a Nikon D7000 – the best I could afford on a limited budget. I am currently in Italy, so after reading the manual I’ve decided to play around with it a bit. I am very ┬ápleased with the results; even without post-editing I think they look … Continue reading

Milan trip

I got to meet my friend Filippo and took a few pics – I am amazed how dull the colours are..

Highlights of my trip

I have just com back from a very short break in Italy, where I got to visit my family and relax a little. Given the time of the year I was hoping for foggy days and I was looking forward to do some slow shutter photography – but that didn’t happen. I received large amounts … Continue reading

My knee

I am again stuck at home with an injured knee. For the first time since October I have some time off and being bound to bed I though I would update this blog with the latest developments. In October 2012, I applied to several jobs in the constant effort to get out of McDonald (I … Continue reading

Old caffenol stuff

I found an old roll of film from a trip to Southampton last year. I scanned the photos overlaying tracing paper as my lightbulb was not strong enough and I needed to diffuse the light – I’ll need to get something stronger for the next project. For some reason I prefer the negatives. They seem … Continue reading