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Pin-hole first

    I finally managed to take and develop *one* photo with a pin-hole camera I made out of a box. I’ve made several attempts but I was always unsuccessful. There are shades on the film in several points which means probably I did not expose it for long enough. I’ll try again on Monday. … Continue reading

More film

I have managed to develop a few more photos taken with the Kodak Instamatic. I don’t think I’ll be using this camera again unfortunately, as the films available are so limited and always expired, and for my limited funds at the moment this is not worthy. My granddad will send me his old camera though … Continue reading

A little assignment

I have been taking a few contacts to get the opportunity to exercise a bit and possibly expand my portfolio. I did this photo-shoot last week at the American Bar & Grill at the 02 in Greenwich. The venue itself was a nightmare to photograph given the low-lights and my seriously limited equipment but I … Continue reading

My first photo

I have fallen prey to the charm of vintage photography and some time ago I asked my father to send me his old Kodak Instamatic, which dates back to the ’70s. He did – thanks Dad! – and after purchasing a few expired 110 films on Ebay I rediscovered the pleasure of taking one random … Continue reading

Gallery Social

In the last couple of weeks I got involved with the Top Floor Gallery in Hoxton Square, Shoreditch. Last night I went along to take a few shots of their social.    


I have been trying to get more experience with more ‘traditional’ photo-shoots. I have been making contacts with people looking to get their pictures taken for free. Although I don’t have the necessary lighting equipment, I have set up a little corner in my room where light is equally diffused on the white wall and … Continue reading

Assignments update

I haven’t updated the blog in a while as I’ve been working on the projects set up by the course and a few ‘personal’ things. So here’s a little update: Vietnam project: I’ve visited the Kubrick archive at LCC a few times trying to get my head round the project. The general idea was to … Continue reading

Bokeh fun

I’ve been busy recently getting my stuff organised for my next projects. In the meantime I’ve been having some fun playing around with DIY bokeh effects. Cheesy but fun!

Aberdeen beach

As I went up to Aberdeen to sort out my flat, I took a short walk down the beach. It was a beautiful morning and unusually decided to take a few photos just for the sake of it…


I have decided to publish a separate page for what I hope is only the first chapter for this project. You can click on TATE PROJECT above or here. I am looking to expand it soon in different ways.

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