TATE Project

From-Tate-to-Tate-with-Love is a collection of photos taken inside Tate Modern and a first, more artistic endeavour for me.

I have spent many hours wandering about Tate Modern, taking photos and scribbling down stories. I just love spending time there. It’s full of life but not chaotic; every room has a different atmosphere and my eyes delight in the contrast of lights and shapes.

When I first started taking pictures there, I noticed how people related differently to the exposition: some people stopped to observe, others moved quickly from one thing to another. Some rooms invited the viewers to silence and reflection, while others were filled with noise.

Although I was there too, somehow I could see the rooms from the outside, as if they were some sort of representation, in which all elements were equally important, and existed in a precise disposition. People, objects, light, all existed within the same Space, constantly re-creating a balanced state. The only way in which I could (re)present this was to use my camera as some sort of periscope through which I could emerge from my immediate physical circumstances and see beyond.

As a consequence I started seeing Tate in a completely different way. I was not looking at people or art-works anymore, but I was observing their relation, how they existed as an organic whole. The room was like a stage, on which each element had a precise meaning; the everlasting immobility of the works counterbalanced the transitory nature of mankind beautifully.


One afternoon I discovered the feedback cards available on the first floor that invited the visitors to draw or describe what they had liked in the Gallery the most. I picked up a few thinking to draw something as well but once at home I decided to use them to try to print in postcard format some of my photos just to see the effect.

After some trial and error, I decided to print this selection:

I was happy with the result but I wanted something to go with it.

Among the notes accumulated in time, a short story came up. With a few adjustments, I adapted it to the project and printed it in the same format. I used each paragraph to describe one of the photos.


All the postcards, 20 in total, have been sent. It is my very own feedback, a little homage to Tate Modern.

It is my way to say Thank you, Tate and a token of esteem and gratitude for a place that for some inexplicable reason is a lot more to me than just an Art Gallery.

(Oh, and sorry for stealing all the postcards…)



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